(Cocktail) Week in Review

At our core, we’re snobs. Friendly enough people, but the word “pretentious” is occasionally tossed around. For us, it’s not about luxury brands and designer cars (although we like those too). It’s about supporting our community of local artisans. The culinary superheroes who imagine and create amazing food, small batch spirits, and hand crafted cocktails. Their passion rescues us from the mundane and inspires us to try new things.

Monday: Bastille Cafe and Bar

I don’t know what special trick the bartenders at Bastille employ, but they consistently make my favorite Gibson Martini in Seattle.

Both Batch 206 Vodka Martinis. Left: Dry with Olives, Right: Gibson

Tuesday: Tilth

This was our first visit to Tilth. Their cocktail menu is unique and includes choices that are seasonally inspired.

Left: Solera (Ron Zacapa Rum, Honey, Grapefruit Bitters.) Right: Seasonal Sidecar. We could not find the exact ingredients online, so here’s our best guess: Brandy, Fig Puree, Lemon Juice with a sugared rim and fig garnish.

Wednesday: The Stumbling Goat Bistro

Forgive us Stumbling Goat, this is admittedly not our best picture. It does not do these cocktails justice.

Left: Gibson Martini (Russian Standard Vodka and a house-pickled onion.) Right: Seasonal Huckleberry Pisco Sour (Pisco, huckleberry syrup, lemon and egg white)

Not photoed: The Rubycello I enjoyed after dinner. Beautiful in presentation, delightful in taste. Imagine the sweetness of lemoncello combined with tart flavor of a fresh ruby red grapefruit. The Stumbling Goat offers house made Lemoncello, Rubycello and Blood Orangecello.

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3 thoughts on “(Cocktail) Week in Review

  1. Cool drinks, sounds like you had a good week. When will your first batch be ready? We’d love to come see your place!

  2. We are currently in the licensing process and hope to have product ready in January! The distillery is closed to the public at this time, but I’m sure an exception can be made for family 😉

  3. Kim Kircher says:

    That sidecar looks yummy! Love the fig garnish.

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