The 12 Drinks of Christmas: Day 11

The day before Christmas Eve we are likely to experience hectic shopping, holiday traffic, and just maybe the fleeting grasp of the meaning of Christmas.  When you’re through dealing with that mess, today’s cocktail is very easy and well deserved. After a day like today, I would say a nightcap is in order.

This is my very favorite tasty beverage and part of what has inspired me to open the Meriwether Distilling Company.

On the eleventh day of Christmas my true love poured for me:

Two Fingers of 16 year old Lagavulin Scotch Whisky

Neat is nice, or add a splash of Apollinaris water or a couple ice cubes. If someone tells you how it’s supposed to be enjoyed, unless that person made the whisky, don’t listen to a word they say. Drink it how you like it.


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