Brand Evolution

In the eight months since I announced the launch of my distillery, I’ve been working tirelessly to get the doors open. Like the majority of craft distillers, I came into this business because I love spirits and felt a pull to create them. There is something truly American about the desire to build and invent things.

Within the last month our progress has accelerated. Nearly all the pieces my team has been working so hard on have fallen into place.  I have finalized my recipe and am producing the best vodka I’ve ever tasted. After purchasing and installing a larger still, we are now running five times the volume and producing spirits six days a week. Lastly (and most excitingly), we have been working with the TTB and expect to have our label approved within the next 10 days. Once we are given the final thumbs up, we will release our label and begin selling immediately.

Surprisingly, over the course of these eight months, I’ve seen my company change in unexpected ways.  We’ve explored who we are as a distillery and have created a foundation for who we’ll be in the future. Just like our vodka has evolved into something better, so has our brand. We believe these changes should not only reflect on the inside, but on the outside as well. Before we release any product, we wanted to release this: The new Meriwether Distilling Company logo.

We wouldn’t want to you confuse our products with anything sub par.


4 thoughts on “Brand Evolution

  1. Tiffany G says:

    Amazing job (as always) to you and your team! Love the logo. It’s wonderful to see you successfully on your way to launching your stellar product. Can’t wait to see it available! Congrats!!

  2. Beautiful Logo! Can’t wait for a labeling party!

  3. Joel L. says:

    Great logo. Excited to try some of your vodka!

  4. Matt A. says:

    No joke, the Vodka is top notch. Great Logo! It’s all coming together!!

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