Distiller’s Bio

Owner and distiller Whitney Meriwether has always had a passion for the finer things. When a three month backpacking trip through Europe turned into a two year stay, Whitney began developing his spirit palate. Enjoying a variety of Scotch and fine Irish Whisky, his love for quality spirits grew. This appreciation partnered with his inherent habit of building things, led to the dream of someday making his own whiskey. (That and owning a Lamborghini Countach, marrying a super model and having a billion dollars.)

In May 2008, Whitney donated 62% of his liver to a family member suffering from terminal bile duct cancer*. This kind of life altering event brings everything into perspective. During recovering, Whitney and his recipient John spent weeks recuperating in the same living room together. Both entrepreneurs, they regularly discussed the possibility of making their own spirits. The idea stuck and after a few years of research, Whitney decided it was time to open a distillery.

*Sounds like a compelling story. If our blog isn’t holding your attention, this memoir will.


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