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Buying Local

Buy local. Small Business Saturday.  As the country works toward economic recovery, slogans like these are becoming more popular.  People everywhere are championing locally made products and helping to develop small businesses within their communities.

While campaigns like these are happening all over the country, Washingtonians have touted these values for years. We feel proud to live among a high concentrate of people who bought local before it was “cool”, valued organic before it was in every supermarket, and continue to seek out products made in their community. These values were part of the reason we founded our distillery in Seattle rather than move elsewhere. Why not relocate somewhere sunnier, with warm beaches and a real need for sunscreen? Because an inherent love of local wasn’t there and Seattle’s passion is part of what drives us to make exceptional spirits.

While still shopping, our distiller really made the rounds. Dreams of European-made copper towers danced in his head. There was a long love affair with a specific European-made still followed by a round of speed dating with multiple other international brands. But in the end, true distillery love was found at home. We realized that purchasing the biggest and most important piece of distillery equipment should be done in the states. Spending our hard earned money elsewhere didn’t feel right. Supporting still manufactures in the US became nonnegotiable.  We figure that locally made products should be distilled in locally made equipment.

There are a lot of lovely stills manufactured all over the world, but we’re proud to say that ours was built here in the northwest.

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