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Top o’ the Morning

Today is St. Patrick’s Day. To celebrate, most people will be chugging Irish Car Bombs and drinking excessive amounts of Guinness.  For all you pub goers, here’s an alternative to that predictable shot of Jameson you’re about to order.

The Pickle Back

1 ounce shot of Jameson or you favorite Irish whiskey

1 ounce shot of pickle brine

Garnish with a pickle (optional) 

Originally created at Brooklyn’s Bushwick Country Club, the Pickle Back has developed a cult following. Particularly popular in New York, this combination adds a twist to your basic shot of whiskey.  Raise your glass, toast the Irish and then chase that whiskey burn with a pickle brine back.

If the idea of drinking pint after pint of beer leaves you feeling a little green, here’s a whiskey cocktail that’s sure to please even the pickiest leprechaun.

Irish Buck

2 ounces Irish whiskey

½ ounce lime juice

1 ounce (roughly) of Ginger Ale

Pour whiskey and juice over ice. Stir. Top off with Ginger Ale and garnish with a lime wedge. Serves one.

Happy St Patty’s Day!

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Moving Day

Unlike Christmas morning, moving day is usually associated with the anticipation and sheer dread that goes along with the day’s activities. Luckily, October 14, 2011 was the opposite. The day the majority of our still house equipment was delivered and moved into the distillery was preceded by the anticipation of a kid on Christmas Eve.

It was a particularly cold morning for October as I anxiously awaited my equipment’s arrival. Thanks to the guys from Omega Morgan and Nelson Trucking I didn’t have to wait long. The only thing more exhilarating than a few sips of whiskey on a cold day was the sight of two 53′ semi-truck trailers hauling my equipment.

It took three skilled professionals five hours to unload everything safely and another five hours to place the equipment inside. Luckily the day stayed dry and we were energized by an excellent lunch from Calamity Jane’s, a Georgetown favorite.

The crew unloading my tanks.

This is my new forklift. Quite possibly my favorite distillery purchase thus far. 

Carefully bringing the tanks into the distillery.

A special thanks to my new neighbors at the Seattle Wholesale Flower Growers Market. They greeted us warmly and shared their delicious homemade pumpkin bread. “What could go better than flowers and whiskey?” One grower stated. Good point. In my opinion, whiskey goes well with everything.

What could go better than flowers and whiskey?

With the milestone of moving completed, I’m now focused on accomplishing mundane tasks like organizing my space and properly hooking my equipment up to water and power.

“Whisky is liquid sunshine.” – George Bernard Shaw

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